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In a world full of hurting people, lost causes and broken dreams, we recognise the need for a real connection with God. At Grace Embassy, we believe in the powerful prayer based delivery of God's Word. With a peculiar anointing to bring hope to the despairing, healing to the broken and strenght to the weary, our mission is to position the unexpected, the unlikely for the prolific move of God at the commencement of the 21st Century and beyond and to build the people that will manifest Christ to the nations. We are resolved to taking the infallible Word of God with a lot of dedication and ministering to your need but beyond that, we are committed to ministering to your destiny; to assist you through the Word and convenant relatioship to become all that God has called you to become and to do all that He has called you to. You have a destiny in God to fulfil and so you can not afford to fail; all you need is that one Word from God to give you tha breakthrough you need.

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