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The Faith Dome Legacy
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The God of Heaven, He will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build … (Nehemiah 2:20)


The Faith Dome is the multipurpose facility that will soon house the headquarters of The Kenneth German World Evangelism and The Grace Embassy. The building with a total floor area of , (the largest footprint for a single building in Liberia) will accommodate facilities for worship, education, healthcare, community development, reformation training, recreation and social rehabilitation among many other initiatives. The user-friendly main auditorium, multi-purpose halls and overflow spaces will comfortably seat up to 10,000 people at full capacity. The state-of-the-art ergonomically designed facility is structured to permit the efficient evacuation of human traffic in just under 20 minutes. The project is presently in its first phase of development and the fully serviced, fully air-conditioned facility will greatly assist the Kenneth German World Evangelism to do its part in bringing healing and reformation to this great nation.

A place of Learning

The Faith Dome will serve as a center for the worship services of the Grace Embassy as she fulfils her vision to be the hand of power, the voice of healing and a bridge of hope to her generation. The Kenneth German World Evangelism is committed to the reformation of our nation. Specialized training will produce future leaders who are virile, visionary and equipped with the relevant secular skills to excel in the various sectors of industry. The centre is designed to run four separate educational systems. These are; Junior high school, a Senior high school, a skills Acquisition centre, and an International Bible training centre.
Each of these schools will provide a quality of learning at par with the best corresponding educational institutions around the world. They will run a robust curriculum that promotes the underlying guiding principles of stewardship, integrity, diversity, empowerment and social responsibility, all of which are required to build a strong nation.

A place of Prayer

Effective and strategic prayer underpins our faith and is critical to the necessary reformation of our nation. The Faith Dome has been designed to provide all visitors with an ambience that is both inspired and uplifting. This unique environment will be created, not just by the wonderful décor and amenities of the building but more so by an atmosphere bathed in the heartfelt prayers that will be offered up within the facility 24 hours a day. Much of this praying will take place within a 200-seater prayer chapel located in the Millennium Temple.


A place of Reformation

Reformation is one of the key areas the church can help meet the needs of her society. The Faith Dome will house a Reformation Centre which will run a curriculum to assist young people realize their full potential and become leaders of impact in their various fields of endeavour, of the requisite calibre to contribute positively towards a greater Liberia. There will also be programs to assist previously disadvantaged person re-integrate into society. The course run in the Reformation Centre will be specifically designed to inculcate proper values and work ethic through reorientation, mentoring and leadership.
In addition, the centre will provide participants with capacity building exercises and vocational training to empower them to live successful lives as productive members of society.

A place of Recreation

In support of our strong belief that the family is the basic unit of society, the Faith Dome will provide recreational facilities the whole family can enjoy. These include a fully equipped gymnasium and games room all situated within the serene and beautifully landscaped grounds.

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